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Monster of the Week: Tome of Mysteries

Monster of the Week is a tabletop role playing game created by Michael Sands, where players take on the roles of elite monster hunters whose job is to protect innocent bystanders from the supernatural. A few years back, Michael announced he was working on a supplemental book for the game, “Tome of Mysteries,” and that he was looking for fan-created session ideas (called “Mysteries” within the system) to add to the book.I was one of the lucky few whose mystery was selected to be added to this book. The mystery, "Attack of the Rapid Moss," had to go through a few different revisions, with Michael helping to guide me. Working with him taught me the importance of making sure important details are clear to the player, simplifying elements of play to help streamline gameplay in a tabletop setting, and how to make changes to your original vision for the good of the project.

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